Identity Beyond Diversity


The difference between teaching and critical pedagogy is vital to Handel Kashope Wright: ‘Critical pedagogy brings to the floor issues of social identity’ revealing where power resides and inequalities are preserved. ‘Multiculturalism’, ‘anti-racism’… terms often used without their cultural and historical meaning. Listen to Handel talk about how different politics, peoples, places intersect…


Following a 3-day Learning Lab, facilitated by Handel Wright, Handel was interviewed by Mica Nava (Professor in Cultural Studies, University of East London (UEL)). This public interview took place at the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle, 2010.


Handel Kashope Wright is Director of the Centre for Culture, Identity and Education at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. He is co-editor of the book series African and Diasporic Cultural Studies, associate editor of Critical Arts and serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Cultural Studies; the European Journal of Cultural Studies; Topia; the Canadian Journal of Education and Postcolonial Studies in Education. He has published extensively on continental African cultural studies, cultural studies of education, critical multiculturalism, and anti-racist education.
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Photo: Veronica Vierin