3 Artist Films: Natasha, Lucy and James

Learning Lab Edition 3 Artists' Films

Learning Lab made three short film portraits for our Counterpoints Arts’ Programme Launch in January 2015, focusing on three artists in the Platforma Arts +Refugee Network: Natasha Davis, Lucy Namayanja and James Russell Cant.

Because so often the everyday labour that underpins creative work is hidden, we wanted to acknowledge it as craft, as process and as a form of quiet yet urgent knowledge production. To tell the connected story of Counterpoints Arts through the eyes, ears, hands and hearts of the creative producers who we are in dialogue with, who come from all walks of life and from equally different places. Creative practitioners who are not only pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes but who are finding new and fresh ways to capture what it means to live in local places that are increasingly touched by the cultural realities of the global.

Natasha, Lucy and James’ work speaks for itself. There is something unique, grounded, daring, reflective and fantastically honest about how all three approach their imaginative craft. We set out to make 1-minute films; we made 3-minute films but could have easily made 30-minute films. The material we captured was rich and dynamic (and you only see here a slice of what we recorded).

Our thanks to Natasha, Lucy and James for inviting us into their homes. We thought it was important to film in an intimate, familiar space rather than the more anonymous gallery or public space. So here are 3 fleeting snapshots encouraging you to find out more about how 3 artists work in more detail.







Co-Produced with Faction Films in Dalston.