Learning Lab at Dis/placed

QueensImage: Queens of Syria, Director, Yasmin Fedda 2015

The Learning Lab threads its way through the dis/placed exhibition opening multiple spaces for interdisciplinary reflection, creative exchange, cross-sector learning and collaboration.

A week-long progamme of events in response to global demographic shifts and unprecedented levels of human displacement.

Featuring over 40 artists working across visual art, film, photography, Live Art, performance and design, dis/placed considers the experiences of people who are ‘staying temporarily’, sometimes for generations, in stateless limbos, detention centres, refugee camps or urban settlements – living within a country’s borders yet outside its political, legal and civic life.

dis/placed invites audiences to explore the exhibition and participate in a daily programme of learning labs, workshops, performances, interventions and screenings.

Labs are individually designed to facilitate lively imagining and debate. We invite you to participate in this dedicated programme focusing on the themes explored by artists in the exhibition who are working across film, photography, audio, Live Art and performance, architecture and design.

Lab topics include: ‘waiting’, ‘cross-border movement’, ‘technologies of asylum and detention’, ‘participatory arts and practices of place-making’, ‘arts, activism and social change’, ‘memory and re-imagining lost archives’, ‘restorative role of arts and culture’, ‘investigative journalism through interactive storytelling’ and ‘representing the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean’.

Learning Labs form part of the Out of Place Action-Research Platform (a project led by Counterpoints Arts’ Learning Lab, in partnership with Royal Holloway, University of London and FilmAid).

With questions about Learning Lab, please contact Áine O’Brien