Simple Acts Think and Do Lab

Learning Lab: Simple Acts Think & DoImage: ‘Simple Acts’, 2012

Date: Thursday 17 September

Time: 4 – 8: 00pm.

Venue: TBC

A Learning Lab focusing on Counterpoints Arts’ Simple Acts programme.

Simple Acts was initially designed in 2009 as part of Refugee Week’s coalition-based media engagement. Its starting point was ‘doing something simple in recognition and support of refugees’. For the past 6 years, Simple Acts has worked in collaboration with schools. Simple Acts has also engaged the general public, who have responded through the doing of creative and everyday ‘simple acts’. (

We now wish to develop Simple Acts and expand our partnership base. We also wish to refresh and re-design the programme, to be more overt about the value of everyday civic activism and the crucial role of active citizenship in the context of the current ‘climate’ on migration.

Learning Lab will comprise a ‘think and do’ session exploring new innovative partnerships and cross-sector ways of working across education, creative participation and civic engagement together with social media and digital development. Our aim is to form lasting – complimentary – partnerships that bring rich skills, tested methods and bold ideas to the table.

This Simple Acts‘ Learning Lab is an opportunity to connect via collective dialogue, exploring how best to curate and produce creative and civic engagement at local, national and international levels.

Please note: Venue is to be confirmed. We’ll also send more information about  Simple Acts’ Learning Lab in early September.

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