Art in the Age of Displacement: Is this a Movement?


Is this a Movement?

Displacement, disruption, the physical and cultural movement of people, to and from cities, across borders and continents, has never been greater.  And its implications for artists, activists and cultural institutions everywhere has never been more urgent.

This Counterpoints Arts Learning Lab brought together artists, activists, academics and audiences engaged in socially engaged arts projects in neighbourhoods and communities of place/interest across Europe and the USA to share comparative work around the contradictions and potentials of art in contemporary housing and activism in an age of re-gentrification and local and global displacement; and the intersection of arts and urban and rural transformation.

The Lab took place in Two Movements:

Movement One: Adagio.   Where have we moved? A round table sharing of practice.

Movement Two: Allegro.  Where might we want to move together? A call to action.

Contributors included among many others: Ultra-Red, LA; Gresham Horse, UK; Museum of Movements, Malmo; Study Room in Exile, Liverpool; D6: Culture in Transit, Newcastle, BSide, Isle of Portland; Art House Wakefield Yorkshire; Deveron Arts, Huntly Scotland; Syrian Cultural Index Project, Berlin, CREATE Dublin, Music in Detention, UK; Platforma Arts + Refugee Network; International Arts Rights Advisors (IARA); Terra Vera Slovenia; Studio for Media Activism, Toronto,  Centre for Digital Storymaking, SEAS Brighton.

(Saturday 26th May 2018)